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Ecommerce of Piquadro products – Piquadro’s collections, bags and accessories – online sales and direct sales from store in Italy, Rome, Viale di Villa Massimo 37 – is an Official Piquadro flag's store


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  • Born in 1987 from an idea of Marco Palmieri, its current chairman and CEO, Piquadro today is a leading company in the sector of luxury leather goods.

    The best expression to identify this company is “Piquadro’s future is already here”.

    And the future is in the design of the products themselves, a perfect mix of functionality, comfort and technology; it’s in the production processes, using innovative material such as technical weaves and resistant leathers, because they are treated and processed with state of the art methods; it’s in the company strategy, because it’s in constant dynamic evolution, establishing agreements and alliances with top of the line brands (for example, Piquadro has recently signed with G&P Net SpA, a company that produces and distributes the Geospirit and Peuterey brands, a contract for the production of urban technical clothing with the Piquadro featuring Peuterey brand in the autumn-winter collection 2009).

  • S.r.l, a Piquadro boutique in Rome, Italy is the heir of the long Studioarch tradition, a historical sales point in the sector of graphics, fine arts and designer objects, founded in Rome back in 1968.

    In 1998, Studioarch started out with Piquadro in the sale of briefcases (at the time they specialised sales in leather colored ones in full grain leather). Already at that time, the high quality of the leather and materials they used, refined manufacturing and above all the continuous innovation and renewal of Piquadro products, gained the highest approval of the demanding and qualified clientele of Studioarch.

    In these years we have come to know, understand and interpret the founding elements of the Piquadro philosophy, so that we can propose them and share them with our clients, who are always more careful regarding design, comfort and technology in the products we choose and propose for sale.