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Safety and Privacy

To protect user data, uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL), an advanced security system on the Internet, thanks to which all data the user inserts during the order is crypt and made completely illegible in case they are intercepted. This way all data regarding amounts and credit card details are completely protected.

Data regarding your credit card are sent directly to PayPal, world leader for online payments. or any third party will not be able to access your credit card details.

Below you will find the information and provisions regarding personal data processing for users.

1) S.r.l. is responsible for the processing of personal and establishes the ways it may be used, even for security related aspects, via its authorized officers for these purposes for data processing, even for security related aspects. To date, the responsible bodies for personal data processing are: S.r.l. for delivery services regarding purchases on the website; UPS (United Parcel Service Italia Srl) for shipment, delivery and return of products if necessary that have been purchased on the website. Changes (if any) to the responsible bodies for personal data processing will be published on the web, and will be deemed acknowledged by the user as of that time.

2) The user’s personal data will be processed by S.r.l. for purposes that are strictly connected to the website and e-commerce activities and to carry out the delivery of purchase orders. Data may therefore be passed on to parties who manage electronic payment systems, and to companies who are responsible for shipment and transport. The data of the website user may also be passed on to judicial authorities and to other public authorities, without the user’s prior consent in other contexts allowed by the law. Refusal (if any) to provide personal data on behalf of the user will prevent S.r.l. from carrying out the online sale process. S.r.l. is authorized to not carry out delivery and to annul the sale contract in the presence of erroneous, inexact or incomplete personal data.

3) The following rights of users are also guaranteed:

- to obtain confirmation of the existence of personal data from S.r.l.;

- to obtain clear and accessible information regarding their personal data;

- to change, rectify and/or integrate their data;

- to be able to delete, anonymously transform or block their personal data if it is processed in breach of the law, including information that need not be necessarily kept in relation to the reason it was processed;

- to obtain certification of the fact that the information regarding the origin of the information and the ways in and the purpose for which it is processed has been notified to those that receive the information, except in cases in which such a process is impossible or too laborious;

- to obtain information regarding the identity of the owner and members of management and designated representatives;

- to know the subjects or categories of subjects who have access to their data;

- to be informed about the logic applied in electronic data processing;

4) Finally, the user may:

- refuse to provide personal information for marketing purposes;

- refuse to provide personal information that can be used to send publicity or direct sale material, or for market research or commercial communication.